“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.  And that is why I succeed.” -Michael Jordan

Why are you unsuccessful? Why can't you accomplish your goals? Why are you nervous about that test? Why are people passing you up? Why are you not getting better from your injury or illness?

People tend to stay away from the new, the challenging, and the unfamiliar tasks.  Will failing whatever it is lead to death?  Probably not.  Will it set you back? Likely, but there will be another opportunity.  You may have another chance to try it again.  Maybe you need baby steps or a coach to get there.  

Similar to so many people, I have failed tests in college and medical school.  I did not run a marathon under 4 hours and missed it by 3 minutes.  For the past few years, I lived where the Army told me where to go.  I did not living near the coastline; I did not surfor watch the sunset (the nearest lake to El Paso is 2 hours away), and practicing medicine at a community health center.  

Yet, I am getting close to my overall goals.  I have always found ways to succeed: I have my beautiful family and a dog.  In addition, I am currently training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as I seek my goals to help those who have been injured or have a disability and will try to help them regain function. 

What is a Physiatrist? It is a doctor that treats all injuries, illnesses, and disabilities to help the patient to return to function.


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