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Medical School Personal Statement

I am sharing my personal statement to show that not all applicants for professional school are perfect.  For instance, I applied to medical school 3 times: (1) my last year of college to only Allopathic Schools (2) during my post baccalaureate program and only applied to GUSOM (3) the year before I started medical school and was accepted to AT Still University, SOMA and Meharry Medical College.  In conclusion, I love every decision in my past and would not make a change.  I arrived on the scene under the impression that the patient was having a fainting spell, only to find that she was in cardiac arrest. The paramedic told me to begin compressions; as I inhaled deeply, I opened her shirt, pressed my hands firmly on her sternum and proceeded to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At first, I was shocked and nervous as I could feel her ribs crack each time I pushed down on her sternum. Yet, I continued the procedure because I realized that I had a job to do. T

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