The 5AM Workout

Exercise is vital to live a healthy lifestyle.  The current recommendations are to workout at least 150 minutes a week with sometime spent with resistance training. The workouts can be as little as going for a 30minute walk, surfing, cycling, running, ninja warrior training, yoga, etc.  Find an activity that you enjoy: dancing, underwater basketweaving.  Again, it can be anything to raise your heart rate outside of the normal 60-100 beats per minute.  In addition, make sure that you include some form of resistance training: body weight exercises, gravity, yoga, resistance bands, weightlifting, etc.
Reference: Physical Activities Guidelines for Americans

I HATED setting my alarm before 6am, but I had to make the change with my wife and I working full time while we cared for our son. It was difficult at first, and I dreaded hearing my alarm.  Yet, I loved the quiet mornings for my daily workouts.  Everybody is asleep with empty streets or determined gym enthusiasts focused on their workouts.  

Just finished my 5am workout.

I tried to find supporting evidence for working out at different times of the day, but it seems to be inconclusive.  Below are supportive reasons for the early morning workouts:
(1) Early workouts give your metabolism a boost and promote continuous burning of calories via fat oxidations (burns fat) throughout the day and improve diabetes 

(2) Exercise gives a huge boost of endorphins to improve your mood 

(3) It improves sleep as your "fight or flight” hormones circulating in your system will be used in the morning and not late in the day, supported by the National Foundation of Sleep 

(4) Workouts can open up your blood vessels and allow for a drop in your blood pressure and this will carry out through the day according to the Journal of Vascular Health and Risk  

(5) The afternoon and evening can be spent with your family and/or friends to taking on hobbies: studying, cooking, playing the guitar, writing, etc 

(6) You will decrease your stress and improve mental focus 

(7) You will decrease useless calories as the later that you stay up the more crave of processed food that you want to consume as supported by the Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise 

(8) According to the National Institute for Fitness & Sport, testosterone levels are the highest, which will support better muscle growth.  

These are just some of the benefits and there are plenty more. Yet, if you do not workout early in the morning, make sure to schedule time to workout.  Workout at least 150 minutes a week and incorporate resistance training.  

Please see you doctor if you have further questions or before engaging in this activity. Opinions are mine and do not reflect my employer, Geisinger. 


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